Sci & Warner?

Publicado recentemente no TR Chronicles, foi confirmado um contrato entre a SCi e a Warner Bros. Este contrato garante-nos que teremos Underworld em mãos, segundo o esperado, antes do natal. Continue lendo o artigo e descubra o que vem por aí!



[ April 25th 2008 ]

SCi Entertainment Group, owners of Eidos plc, announced today it has secured funding of £60 million ($120m), made up in part by a sizable investment from Warner Bros. The British publisher also confirms Tomb Raider Underworld remains encouraging and the game is scheduled for worldwide release before Christmas 2008.

Phil Rogers, Chief Executive Officer, SCI Entertainment Group said: “Today we have significantly strengthened our relationship with Warner Bros. one of the world’s largest media groups, to create an exciting strategic partnership, giving us increased scale in the North American market, to the benefit of all our major franchises.

“The new financing puts us in a clear position to deliver on the strategic business plan which we announced in February with focus on cornerstone studios and core franchises, delivering high-quality, world class games.”

Kevin Tsujihara, President, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group, added: “This investment underscores Warner Bros’ commitment to becoming a major presence in the video game business. With SCi’s new management team in place along with their track record of rich franchises like Tomb Raider, Hitman and Deus Ex we believe we have formed an exciting partnership and a powerful engine for growth.”

Conforme dito, foi feito um investimento de £60 milhões, por parte da Warner Bros. Agora, o que será feito pela Warner, com os direitos comprados, ainda é mistério! Sabe-se apenas que este dinheiro veio em boa hora! Nos resta aguardar!

Lewis Croft.


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